Laundry Services

80,000,000 Pounds Of Laundry – It’s hard to imagine. And yet Starr Textiles Services has the capacity to wash and dry that many pounds of dirty laundry each year to serve the growing needs of the hospitality industry in the Gulf Coast region and Southeast U.S.

Clients range from boutique hotels to large 4 and 5-star hotels located in the French Quarter or popular casinos, restaurants and convention centers in the Southeast. Coastal property management companies enlisting Starr services are dotted along the Gulf beaches from the smallest to largest vacation rental accommodation organizations.

Both the Louisiana and Alabama plants operate on seven-day-a-week schedules with the capacity to handle 10,000 pounds of laundry per hour for hotel rooms plus a multitude of coastal condos and beach houses.

Garment Processing

We believe that it is important for our hospitality clients and their guests to look good and feel good, so that’s why we can provide a 24-hour turnaround for garment and uniform processing for our partners. Our clients choose us because they expect and deserve the best treatment and quality care of their goods.

We Deliver Quality

It’s pretty straightforward. Clean, pressed linen is a must in the hospitality industry, and that’s what we provide all day, every day: consistent quality.

On Time

Our clients choose us because they expect and deserve the best treatment and quality care of their goods.

Simply put, we get the products to the hotels, condominiums, restaurants and convention centers in a timely manner. We do what it takes to make our clients’ job easier.


Environmentally-friendly chemicals, heat reclamation systems, the commercial laundry industry’s lowest water usage per pound and dedicated recycling programs make our declaration of being “green” more than just words. The new Louisiana laundry facility is just minutes away from the Pellerin Laundry Machinery and Pellerin Milnor Corporation plants in Kenner, and has the latest energy saving technology, including a Milnor PulseFlow® Wash System that will annually process millions of pounds of linen while utilizing less than ½ gallon of water per pound. Considering that conventional washers can utilize up to 3.5 gallons per lb., this laundry will be one of the most efficient facilities in the country.

Any Time

Linen laundry service

Our hospitality partners rely on us as the go-to business when an emergency occurs, when clean linen provided quickly is a must. We are available 24/7 and with two locations to back each other up – we can make it through just about any challenge.

Exceptional Service

Exceptional Service is not only our mission, it’s our standard!

Our consistently high ratings from New Orleans and coastal partners speak for our success.

Contact Us today to learn how we can start making your operations more economical, efficient and eco-friendly, while always making you look good to your guests.