Our new commercial laundry facilities in Alabama and Louisiana were designed and equipped for top efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Our newest commercial laundry facility in Louisiana is one of the largest and most modern, technologically-advanced facilities in the United States. Industry partners and other commercial laundry businesses refer to the increased efficiency and productivity features of our new facility as a model for which to strive.

Here’s how our state-of-the art facilities benefit you …and your hospitality guests.

Increased Productivity

Advanced-technology washers are faster and better at soil removal. The addition of the newest larger Louisiana facility means more room for movement of goods and services and therefore more speed. Upgraded software allows for expanded capabilities similar to the Alabama plant.

Increased Efficiencies

Cutting-edge equipment and processes use less water. Automatic loading/unloading and pass-thru designs reduce the need for operator time and increase workflow. Quality insulated or double-layer glass dryer doors keep the facility cooler, saving energy and lowering noise levels for better working conditions.

Increased Attention

The facilities allow us great flexibility and expanded capacity to deliver top customer services to our growing hospitality market on the Gulf Coast and throughout the Southeast U.S.