Moving Laundry Services Forward, Driving Innovation

Starr Textile Services is your solution for commercial laundry services, dry cleaning, garment processing and textile rental services. Covering the Gulf Coast region from our original Louisiana facility to the west and our first 30,000 square-foot Alabama plant to the east, we serve clients large and small in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

A new 70,000 square-foot facility was added in the New Orleans area in 2013, to increase our overallĀ  capacity and customer service.

We guarantee stellar service when you put our highly efficient, innovative, environmentally-friendly operations to work for you. And we deliver quality in a timely manner with exceptional customer service.

Our highly rated laundry services and garment processes are designed to fit the needs of your individual operations . . . from a small boutique hotel or a few condominiums to larger vacation rental companies and 4 & 5 star hotels and resorts.

We are moving forward and driving innovation with our modern, technologically-advanced facilities and well-trained teams – we are prepared to serve your needs with the customer service level you deserve.

Find your perfect solution today. Contact Starr Textile Services at (251) 943-8172 in Alabama and (504) 566-0052 in Louisiana.


Why Outsource?

Take a moment to consider a few questions relating to your hospitality operations,
as you contemplate why outsourcing makes good sense:

  • Do you have challenges staffing your laundry?
  • Have you had a fire in your laundry?
  • Did you know you may be paying as much as $2.75/1000 gallons for water and $4.75/1000 gallons for sewage discharge?
  • Would you rather invest in other areas of hospitality operations and marketing, than make a major purchase in new laundry equipment?
  • Have you had any laundry staff injured?
  • Could you utilize the laundry space for other departments or operations?
  • Do you have to call-in “outside” vendors to fix your machinery when it breaks down at over $125 per hour, plus parts?
  • Do you have nicely pressed white linens?

Our hospitality partners rely on us as the go-to business when an emergency occurs, when clean linen provided quickly is a must. We are available 24/7 and with two locations to back each other up – we can make it through just about any challenge